Best train games to play in 2022

Train games are one of the most popular types of video games. They fit into a specific niche where all you have to do is maintain and run your railway empire. They usually contain a lot of depth, with numerous upgrade options, progression, and many other structures to create everything more efficient. But what are the greatest train games?

Simply said, the finest train games are those that most accurately represent real-world situations and have the best progression mechanics. To get you more acquainted with the topic, we’ve put up a clear list of games with detailed descriptions and what makes them enjoyable!

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Railroad Tycoon 3

The Railroad Tycoon series is recognized for its high-quality games, their complexity, and the many options available. You run a railway system in the third edition of the game to generate money by transporting goods from A to B. There’s a campaign that covers several decades in history — USA, Europe, World, and Future. There are 16 scenarios in the game.

Railroad Tycoon 3 continues the series’ trend of adding more features to an established base set, which has been improved by degrees over previous games. The game adds a significant selection of locomotives from all corners of the globe, as well as enhanced convenience in creating your rail network and making minor modifications, something that was much more difficult in previous games.

Train Simulator 2022

Moving on, we have a highly complicated game that transports you right into the world of train operation. Train Simulator 2022 features dozens of trains with identical performance as their real-world counterparts, making running them more pleasurable.

The huge area of the game is something that is particularly intriguing in this game, where you can drive through various sections of the globe and follow the most famous and most utilized tracks ever. The situations you may put your mind to and solve are fascinating and challenging in certain ways, since there are so many of them, ranging from transporting people to transporting resources.

Railway Empire

The narrative that a game offers is what will draw you back. Railway Empire takes place in the 1830s, when the railway industry was just beginning to develop, and the world requires someone to build a dependable infrastructure of rails so that every social need is satisfied. You’ll be able to control over 40 locomotives built to perfection as you go.

In this game, you must outdo other railroad magnates who share your goals. Of course, simply laying the rails and trains isn’t sufficient; you can also conduct research that will improve infrastructure, trains, and much more. Another effective way to boost income is to invest in facilities.


Unrailed! is a wonderful cooperative game with a fantastic concept: you’re on a train that’s rolling along slowly, and you must collaborate with your pals to gather resources so you can build new train tracks. The game has a very blocky appearance, comparable to games like Trove or Unturned, but it works exceptionally well for the gameplay.

The fact that you can play Endless mode, which has an endlessly generated world with a variety of NPCs and challenges to overcome, makes the game so appealing for multiplayer. It’s good by Stardew Valley’s creator, so there you have it.

Train Fever

Finally, we have Train Fever, a tiny Swedish studio’s train-themed business simulation game. The campaign in the game lasts around 20 hours and is based on the idea that you begin managing your own railway company in 1850 and continue to evolve as you go through the narrative.

Your goal here is to upgrade your trains as time passes and update your railway infrastructure to accommodate the standards of the time, eventually getting to the far future, where efficiency is everything. If you’re looking for a short campaign that takes care of all your train-related needs, Train Fever is the way to go.

Train Valley 2

We go from an exuberant race to the finish to a peaceful, methodical game in which you must solve train-related puzzles. On the map, you’ll see numerous cities that require specific items to be delivered. That’s when you come in handy. You’re in charge of manufacturing and resource outsourcing to provide the required goods and deliver them.

You’ll be able to upgrade your ability to produce income as you progress throughout the game and complete levels. Train Valley 2 is a fantastic game that builds on the foundations created by the previous edition, adding more depth and making the entire experience even better.

Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion

This game is not limited to trains; it includes other forms of transportation such as trucks, busses, planes, and much more. The year 1900 marks the start of the game’s timeline, with events unfolding up until 2100 when you may complete a number of scenarios with various challenges and objectives. You may choose your level of difficulty from Beginner.

For those who want to play their games with a buddy, there is a co-op mode where you can collaborate and solve the problems that way. Overall, it’s a fantastic game with a lot of stuff to keep you occupied for hours!

Paper Train Traffic

We’ve seen a lot of lengthy lists and collections, but this one is our shortest. Here’s a game that you may not have heard of before. While other games concentrate on realism, Paper Train Traffic challenges you to solve puzzles presented in a distinct hand-drawn style. Over 300 levels exist, with many of them requiring you to manage the train.

The game will transport you to all across the world, therefore there is a lot of level variety and you don’t have to see the same setting every time. While it isn’t a well-known title, it provides a unique gaming experience that any train or strategy game devotee would enjoy!

Steam: Rails to Riches

The board game of the same name was released as an iPhone app in 2010, and this is its first video game adaptation. In this game, you must manage a board with hexagonal tiles that show a map with focus points to be developed, such as the tracks, trains, and other infrastructure located along them. It’s quite intricate for a board.

Unlike Paper Train Traffic, this game isn’t well-known, but it’s similar to a hidden treasure that is well worth the money.


The management game, Mashinky, is all about establishing a successful transporting business with a large number of vehicles under control. You must ensure that all required deliveries are completed, and you must manage the vast map and arrange your infrastructure in order to do so. Whereas other games focus on realism and scope, Mashinky emphasizes authenticity and scale.

You may also compare and contrast objects in the game, as well as historical figures, using Google Translate. The gameplay is similar to that of other train games; time passes while different eras of transportation go by, so you must pass them. Jan Zeleny, a single Czech developer, deserves all the credit for creating such a thorough experience!

That concludes our journey. We hope you’ve found the perfect train game for you, and that your curiosity has been satisfied. If you’re looking for more games, check out our other articles on the best free PC games and the top mobile multiplayer offerings!